6.2 Troubleshooting and Monitoring

Installation Server

Access to installation repositories and control files via HTTP or HTTPS can be monitored in the Apache 2 log files. By default, these files are:

  • /var/log/apache2/access.log

  • /var/log/apache2/error.log

These log files can help to troubleshoot issued caused by files that do not exist or cannot be retrieved from the repository server.

Server Being Installed

The files you need to inspect to troubleshoot installation issues from the perspective of the system being installed are stored in different locations depending on where in the installation process the issue is encountered.

Installation Stage

The inspection of the server being installed can be done via a remote SSH session as described in SSH Based Installation above.

Configuration files and temporary files involved in the AutoYaST process are located in two different places:

  • /tmp/profile

    The installation process copies control files, configuration files, and the libraries of the Consulting Installation Framework to this directory. The file variables.txt is also created here.

  • /tmp/YaST-nnnnn-xxxxxx

    In the /tmp directory of the server being installed, there are at least three directories with a name starting with YaST followed by five random numbers and six random alphanumerical characters, such as YaST-03200-AxfV0b.

    One of them contains a sub-directory pre-script that contains the script used in the pre-script stage of the installation. The same directory contains a log sub-directory that holds a log file for every pre-script.

These directories exist only during the installation stage. When the system is rebooted at the end of Stage 1 this information is lost.

All processes invoked by YaST are logged to /var/log/YaST/y2log. This file can be inspected during the installation stage as well as after the installation has finished.

If the option loghost=<[IP-Address|DNS name] of syslog server> is given at the boot prompt of the device being installed, all log files are redirected to the syslog server specified.

The log level can also be specified by using the loglevel=[0-10] boot parameter. Of course, the syslog server needs to be configured for remote logging.

Installed System

Information regarding aspects of the AutoYaST process can be found on a running system in the /var/adm/autoinstall directory. This directory contains the following sub-directories:

  • logs

    Contains a log file for every script that has been specified in the <scripts> section of the control file and that has been executed during the installation.

  • scripts

    Contains every script specified in the <scripts> section of the control file.

  • cache

    Contains the initial control file pre-autoinst.xml and the resulting control file installedSystem.xml. The later file contains the same information as /root/autoinst.xml on a system that has been installed manually.

  • files

    Contains any file specified in the <files> section of the control file.