4.1 Hardware Requirements

The AutoYaST server does not require high-performance hardware. In many environments, a virtual instance on VMware, XEN, KVM, or another type of virtualization with a single processor and 2 GByte of RAM has been used successfully.

As the speed of the network connection has the biggest influence on the duration of an installation a 1 Gbits-1 network interface is recommended.

Every AutoYaST server should be equipped with two hard disks. A 20 GB disk is sufficient to install the operating system and the additional packages needed.

The second disk will accommodate the AutoYaST system and in particular it will store the repositories that will consume most of the disk space. Therefore the capacity of this disk greatly depends on the number of releases that the system needs to support. If you only plan to support the latest releases of current OES and SLES versions 50 GB will be a good starting point. If you plan to support more releases or multiple support packs per release 100 GB might be a better choice. As we use Logical Volume Management (LVM) for this disk its capacity can easily be increased if the need should arise.