4.4 Installation Repositories

An installation repository must contain the same directory structure as the corresponding installation media. The simplest way would be to copy the installation media into a repository directory and to provide remote access to the resulting directory structure over HTTP.

However, to protect against unintended alterations of installation sources we very strongly recommend to place the ISO files of the different installation media into a directory /data/isos and to loop mount them read-only to /data/install/<product><version>/<sp>/cd1 through /etc/fstab. In case of an initial release of a product fcs, ga, or sp0 can be used instead of <sp>.

With SLES15 the installer media is mounted at /data/install/sles15/<sp>/cd1. The associated packages ISO is mounted at /data/install/sles15/<sp>/Packages instead. This is illustrated in the following figure:

Figure 4-1 Sample fstab Entries for an AutoYaST Server