5.0 AutoYaST Extended – The Configuration File Approach

AutoYaST control files created by YaST modules always contain values from the system where the file has been created. As a consequence, every such control file can only be used without modification to re-install the same server again.

The installation of a different server requires that a new XML file with the information specific for the new server needs to be provided. Theoretically this could be achieved by copying the control file of an existing server and making the required adjustments. However, this would be a very involved process requiring a highly skilled administrator and considerable effort before a new server could be installed. As a result, the advantage of an automated installation would be greatly reduced by such a cumbersome approach.

To overcome this limitation we have developed the Consulting Installation Framework (CIF), which almost completely automates the creation of the AutoYaST control file and allows for fast, standardized, unattended installations with minimal administrator intervention.

This approach uses standard processes explained in AutoYaST Control File, as well as some additional AutoYaST features described in this section.