8.2 zman

Most administrative tasks for a ZCM zone can be performed from the ZCC. However, you might want to perform certain operations like the creation of the required folder structure from the command line using zman.

When you execute a zman command, you will be asked for an username and the corresponding password. This can be very cumbersome when performing many actions with zman. For convenience, you can store the credentials in the file system by issuing the following command:

zman asc <ZCCUserID>

ZCCUserID is the user issuing the zman commands. This will create the encrypted credentials file (.zman/.zmaninfo) in the home directory of the logged-in user.

Password-free execution of zman instructions can be tested by executing the following command:

zman ql -s F

This command displays all failed actions from the main queue of the ZENworks Configuration Management server.