8.3 Top Level Folder Structure in the ZENworks Management Zone

When designing the folder structure for a ZCM zone there are many ways to organize servers, server groups, bundles, bundle groups and registration keys. However, three aspects proved to be of particular importance:

  • A well defined folder structure that keeps the number of mouse clicks required to perform management tasks such as to make assignments between objects at a minimum.

  • A naming standard that clearly indicates the purpose of every object.

  • A concept to manage which administrators have which rights in which part of your ZCM zone. For details please refer to the ZENworks Administrator Accounts and Rights Reference.

Assuming that you are not yet managing Linux devices with ZCM we very strongly recommend to separate Linux devices and bundles from devices and bundles for systems using other operating systems by creating the following folders as the first level of the folder structure for the management of Linux devices:

  • > Devices > Server > Linux

  • > Bundles > Linux

These folders are primarily introduced to allow the assignment of access rights that ensure that only qualified administrators will have the rights to modify Linux devices and bundles.