8.7 General Commands



zac agp (agent properties)

Displays a summary about the agent state, operating system details, and component versions.

zac cl (configuration location)

Displays the configuration location.

zac get (get-preferences)

Lists agent settings such as proxy, rollback, and log settings.

zac set

Changes settings listed with zac get.

zac logger

Displays or changes agent log configurations.

zac ref (refresh)

Refreshes all agent information. Typically used with bypasscache to avoid using data from the server cache.

zac zc (zone-config)

Displays information about the ZENworks Server that the device is accessing for configuration information.

8.7.1 Bundle Commands



zac bl (bundle list)

Lists all assigned bundles.

zac bin (bundle install)

Installs a given bundle.

zac bu (bundle uninstall)

Uninstalls a given bundle (use with caution).

zac bv (bundle verify)

Reinstalls a given bundle and executes the Verify Action sets.

8.7.2 Package Management Commands



zac in (install)

Installs a package and its dependencies.

zac lu (list updates)

Lists all updates.

zac rm (remove)

Removes a package and its dependencies.

zac se (search)

Searches for packages with a name matching the specified pattern.

zac up (update)

Updates packages where higher versions are available from any assigned channel.

8.7.3 Registration Commands



zac ark (add-registration-key)

Adds a key for group registration.

zac reg (register)

Registers an agent with the ZENworks Management Zone.

zac retr (reestablish-trust)

Reestablishes trust with the current Management Zone