Micro Focus Consulting Best Practices Guide

The deployment and maintenance of a large number of server is hardly possible without a certain level of automation. Based on the experience we gained from numerous successful projects Micro Focus Consulting Germany in cooperation with SUSE Consulting Germany has created this Best Practices Guide to share the solution we use to install, configure and maintain systems based on SUSE Enterprise Linux Server (SLES) or Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server (OES).

This guide is not intended to replace any part of the official documentation or any training material. We assume that you have a working knowledge of SLES, OES, and ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM). If in doubt, we highly recommend that you consult the related product documentation:

For more information about


Open Enterprise Server 2018 Documentation

OES 2018

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5 Documentation


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1 Documentation


ZENworks 2020 Documentation

ZCM 2020

We also assume that you have a working ZCM environment available and will only describe the modifications that you need to make to add the solution to your exiting ZENworks Management Zone. In case you should not have a working ZCM environment we strongly suggest that you consider setting up a single server ZCM zone using the ZCM 2020 Appliance.


This guide is primarily intended for skilled OES administrators with a good knowledge of Linux, OES and ZCM who aim to install, configure and maintain their systems in a standardized fashion.

Experienced Linux administrators who are interested in best practices for the deployment, configuration, and update/upgrade of SLES and OES systems should also benefit from reading this guide.