9.1 Prerequisites

  • Ensure that the source server and target server are running supported versions of NetWare or Linux server software. For more information, see Support Matrix for NetWare and OES Services.

  • To perform transfer id using container admin, the container admin must have supervisory rights on the container he/she exists.

  • The source server and the target server must be in the same eDirectory tree.

  • The source and target server must be in the same subnet and gateway.

  • The source server can either be a replica or a non-replica server in the eDirectory tree.

  • The target server must be a non-replica server in the eDirectory tree.

    To make the target server as a non-replica server, select the OES Pre-migration Server option while installing OES 2018 SP3 on the target server.

  • Verify the health of eDirectory by executing the ndsrepair command on Open Enterprise Server with the following three options:

    • Unattended Full Repair, execute the command: ndsrepair -U

    • Time Synchronization, execute the command: ndsrepair -T

      The target server must be time synchronized with the source server. Time across all the servers in the replica ring should be synchronized.

      For more information on time synchronization, see Time Services in the OES 2018 SP3: Planning and Implementation Guide.

      NOTE:The ndsrepair command locks the eDirectory database, and this results in failure of the Transfer ID migration. You must ensure that all the eDirectory operations are complete before performing a Transfer ID migration.

    • Report Synchronization Status, execute the command: ndsrepair -E

      All the eDirectory replicas are synchronized.

    For more information about DSRepair command, see DSRepair Options in the NetIQ eDirectory Administration Guide

    If any errors are reported, resolve them before attempting migration.

  • Ensure that the names and properties of the NSS pools and volumes on the target server are the same as on the source server.

  • Ensure that all the eDirectory replicas are up and working in the current partition; otherwise, eDirectory migration cannot be completed successfully.

  • Ensure that the hostname and IP address of source server and target server are mapped correctly. The /etc/hosts file on the source server must contain correct entries for resolving source server's DNS hostname to IP address.