9.2 Preparing the Source Server for Migration

  • Shut down any applications, products, or services (virus scan software, backup software, etc.) running on the server to be migrated.

  • (Recommended) Back up all the data of the source server, even though the source server data is not modified during migration.

    For information on creating a backup of eDirectory, see Backing Up and Restoring eDirectory in the NetIQ eDirectory Administration Guide.

    You must back up the data and trustee of the source servers,

  • Remove any unnecessary applications, then delete and purge unused files and folders. Files that are deleted from the source server prior to migration are not migrated to the target server.

  • Ensure the NetWare server has a valid license. If Transfer ID is performed on the NetWare server with evaluation license, then it might fail due to insufficient user connections.

  • If the source server is supported OES platform, enable the SSH service. Ensure you have copied the SSH keys to avoid multiple password prompts on execution of the DIB Copy step. For more information, see Step 1.a.

  • If the source server is NetWare, ensure to comment the line, “LOAD DSMETER” in the SYS:\SYSTEM\autoexec.ncf file and restart the NetWare server before performing Transfer ID.

  • Ensure that the /root/.ssh/known_hosts file contains the entries of both the hostname and its corresponding IP address.

On successful Transfer ID, the identity of the source server is transferred to the target server container.