9.3 Preparing the Target Server for Migration

  • Make sure that the OES Pre-migration Server option is selected for the target server.

    When you install OES 2018 SP3 on the target server for a Transfer ID migration and you reach the Software Selection window, you must select the OES Pre-migration Server option. This prepares eDirectory for the Transfer ID migration that you will perform later.

    IMPORTANT:Select the OES Pre-migration Server option at the start of OES 2018 SP3 installation; otherwise, an eDirectory replica is installed on the server and it cannot be the target server for Transfer ID migration. If the target server already has OES 2018 SP3 installed, without the OES Pre-migration Server option selected, then selecting this option later does not prepare the target server for Transfer ID migration until you reinstall OES 2018 SP3 and select this option.

  • Install the services that you need to migrate from the source server.

    If a service is not installed on the target server, it is not listed in the Migration Tool GUI screen for migration. This is a mandatory requirement.

  • Back up the eDirectory information on the target server. For information on creating a backup of eDirectory, see Backing Up and Restoring eDirectory in the NetIQ eDirectory Administration Guide.

  • If the source server is a VLDB replica, then the target server also must be a VLDB replica.

    NOTE:Each DFS management context allows maximum of two VLDB replicas. If your setup has a source server and a non-target server as a VLDB replica, then you must ensure to remove the non-target server as VLDB replica and make the target server as a new VLDB replica.