N.2 OES CIM Providers

Package (RPM)



Used by the Novell AFP iManager plug-in (novell-plugin-afptcpd) to read and edit configuration parameters in the afptcpd.conf, afpvols.conf and afpdirctx.conf files, and to start or stop the AFP server.


Used by OES Remote Manager (NRM) HMS (Health Monitoring Services) in conjunction with the sblim-cmpi-base providers to obtain data and status for CPU utilization, process count, physical memory, swap memory, virtual memory, and LAN collisions.


Used by the Linux User Management iManager plug-in (novell-usermanagement-imanager-plugin) to read lum configuration from /etc/nam.conf and lum enabled services information from /etc/pam.d


A set of Linux Instrumentation for Enterprise (LIFE) providers that the Storage iManager plug-in uses to access OES storage subsystem through the SFCB CIMOM. The Storage plug-in is common to NSS and CIFS.


Reads and modifies the SMS configuration files and is also used for administration of NSS, CIFS, NCS, and DFS.

The providers are compiled and located in the /opt/novell/lib64/sfcb/cmpi folder.


Used by the Samba iManager plug-in (novell-plugin-samba) to read and modify the Samba configuration file (smb.conf) when shares are created, deleted, or modified.