A.1 Overview

The Product Improvement (telemetry) package is part of the base OES 2018 SP3 package.

Before configuring the OES server with telemetry ensure the following:

  • The OES LDAP user has write permission on the container where the telemetry server resides.

  • Ensure sufficient space is available to store the data. The data is stored at /var/opt/novell/telemetry/data/.

  • The coreagent agent service must be running for communication between the server and agents.

  • Port 8000 must be opened on agents to communicate with the server.

When an OES server is configured for telemetry:

  • All the servers in the same context as this server are automatically enabled for telemetry.

  • The telemetry agent service runs on all the servers that are configured and enabled for telemetry.

  • The eDirectory schema is extended with oes-telemetry-info attribute.

  • The oes-telemetry-info attribute includes the server IP address of the server that was configured with telemetry.

The telemetry agent walks up the tree in search of oes-telemetry-info attribute. If this attribute is found then the agent continues to run else after trying three times it stops. The agent is restarted once every week to discover a telemetry server. It continues running if it finds a server, or it stops again.