B.1 Overview

The OES Health tab available in the CIS Management GUI displays the health status of the OES services. To use the dashboard functionality, you can deploy CIS as a Standalone server. For more information, see Configure CIS as a Standalone Server in the OES 2018 SP3: CIS Administration Guide.

On installing OES 2018 SP3 the coreagent and dashboardagent services are installed. The coreagent service continues to work though the dashboardagent service stops working after three tries if it is unable to contact the CIS server.

When configuring CIS, ensure that the CIS server is configured in the highest context in the eDirectory tree. The dashboard agent walks up the tree in search of cis-host-info attribute and registers to the CIS server. If this attribute is found then the dashboardagent continues to run else after trying three times it stops.

If you install the CIS server later than OES 2018 SP3, the dashboardagent would have stopped running. You need to manually start the dashboardagent service.

When you click OES Health tab in the CIS Management GUI, the CIS server requests data from the service agents and real-time health data of the services is displayed in the GUI.