5.7 Linux LVM Volume Group Cluster Resources

OES Cluster Services, NLVM, and NSSMU use the Clustered Logical Volume Manager (CLVM) to manage LVM volume group cluster resources. CLVM requires the Linux kernel or later. You can get the latest kernel version by using the SLES 12 SP3 update channel.

When you create clustered LVM volume groups on shared storage, all of the nodes in the cluster must have shared physical access to the devices that you want to use to create the volume group. A quorum of nodes must be present in the cluster. The volume group cluster resource is brought online on only one node at a time.

LVM requires that the devices you use to create a volume group are already initialized and contain no partitions. In a cluster, a device should be physically attached to all nodes in a cluster. The device must not be marked as Shareable for Clustering because that adds a 4 KB partition on the device to store the shared state. LVM uses the entire device for the volume group.