6.12 Delete Move

delete move <<move_name>|< pool_name>>

Delete an NSS pool move. This command deletes the move request, returns the pool back to its original location, and removes the new location. You can delete the move at any time while the move is in progress, even if it is pending only the complete move command to be finalized.

Use the complete move command if you want to keep the new location and remove the original location.

If a pool is cluster-enabled, issue the command on the node where its pool cluster resource is currently online.

nlvm [nlvm_options] delete move <<move_name>|<pool_name>>

You are automatically prompted to confirm the delete action. Respond by typing yes or no, then press Enter. Use the --no-prompt NLVM option to suppress the confirmation prompt.

Command Options

move_name or pool_name

Mandatory. Specify the name of the NSS pool move to delete, such as POOLNAME_move. You can alternatively specify the pool name.


Optional. Specify this NLVM option to prevent a confirmation message from being displayed.



Command Example

nlvm delete move MYPOOL_move

Delete the pool move named MYPOOL_move. This removes the new location, and sets the pool to the original location.