6.21 Expand RAID

expand raid <raid_name> <device>

Expand an existing NSS software RAID device by adding a new segment. Specify the RAID name and the device to use. The device option can be specified multiple times to specify additional segments. Each device must have a free space area at least as big as the segment size of the RAID.

nlvm [nlvm_options] expand raid <raid_name> <device>

Command Options


Mandatory. Specify the name of the NSS software RAID device to be expanded. This must be the first command option.



Specify the device to use for the expanded space.



Command Examples

nlvm expand raid MYRAID1 device=sdf

Expand the NSS software RAID device named MYRAID1 by adding the device /dev/sdf.

nlvm expand raid MYRAID5 device=sdg device=sdh

Expand the NSS software RAID device named MYRAID5 by adding the /dev/sdg and /dev/sdh devices as two new segments.