8.4 Troubleshooting NFARM on MAC

8.4.1 'Rights Management' Menu Not Available

To resolve this issue:

  1. Click System Preferences > Extensions.

  2. Verify the new extensions - FileRightsInfo and SalvagePurge are available under the All option.

  3. Ensure the Finder extensions are enabled.

8.4.2 Unable to view Trustees in the Trustee Rights or User Quotas Tab

To resolve this issue:

  1. Save the credential of the server in the Keychain and relaunch the finder.

    NFARM uses mapped-in user’s credential stored in keychain to interact with the OES server.

8.4.3 Connection to Active Directory Failed


  • Connection to the AD server failed.

  • Unable to view the Users or Groups in the AD browser


Verify the AD connections.

For example - Directory Utility > Directory Editor > Select “/Active Directory/<ad domain name>” in nodes. Should list all the users.

8.4.4 NFARM Terminated Unexpectedly

If the NFARM application crashes, unmount the IPC$ and _admin volumes (if its exists) and restart the application.

To verify, execute the command df -h

For example,

  • umount –f /Volumes/IPC$

  • umount –f /Volumes/_admin