8.1 Cross-Platform Issues for NSS Pool Snapshots

Different pool snapshot technologies are used for NSS pools on NetWare and NSS pools on Linux. You can create pool snapshots on either platform, but you should not move them to another platform. Pool snapshots taken on NetWare do not work on Linux, and vice versa.

Consider these guidelines when working with NSS pool snapshots:

  • The snapshots taken on a given platform are unusable if you move the pool’s devices cross-platform. Before you move a pool with existing snapshots to a different platform, delete all existing snapshots for the pool.

    WARNING:You might not be able to open the original pool on the other platform if you do not delete the snapshots.

  • NSS does not support using pool snapshots for clustered pools.

  • Do not use the Pool Snapshot feature for a clustered pool in a mixed-platform cluster.

  • You must remove any existing pool snapshots for a clustered pool on NetWare before you cluster migrate the pool cluster resource from a NetWare server to a Linux server in a mixed-platform cluster. (Mixed-platform clusters are supported only during a rolling cluster conversion.)