20.8 Removing Encrypted Volumes

If a rollback becomes necessary, you must remove the encrypted volume from the server before you perform the rollback.

Encrypted volumes require OES 2 Linux or later. Because earlier releases of NSS cannot activate an encrypted volume, you cannot roll back the system to the earlier release. If you do, the encrypted volume fails to activate or mount, and its pool cannot be repaired.

To prevent this potential data loss, make sure that the system upgrade to a supported platform is active and performing as desired before creating encrypted volumes.

  1. Create an unencrypted volume where you want to copy the data.

    For information, see Section 20.3, Creating an Encrypted Volume.

  2. Use one of these methods to save the encrypted volume’s data on the unencrypted volume:

    • Back up the volume’s data in unencrypted format on backup media, then restore the data to the unencrypted volume.

    • Make a volume-to-volume copy of the data from the encrypted volume to the unencrypted volume.

  3. Delete the encrypted volume.

  4. Perform the system rollback.