16.15 Updating eDirectory Pool Objects

On the Pools page the Update eDirectory option, adds or updates the NetIQ eDirectory pool object at the same context level as the server. NSS searches for the object. If the pool object exists, NSS prompts you with two options: Delete and replace the existing object, or Retain the existing object. If the pool object does not exist, NSS adds the object to the same context level where the server exists.

NOTE:Updating eDirectory pool object is a recovery process it is required only when the pool object is lost, corrupted, or deleted.

To update eDirectory from iManager, perform the following steps:

  1. In iManager, click Storage > Pools.

    For instructions, see Section 10.1.5, Accessing Roles and Tasks in iManager.

  2. Select a server to manage.

    For instructions, see Section 10.1.6, Selecting a Server to Manage.

  3. In the Pools list, select the pool you want to update.

    Wait for the page to refresh. It displays the pools’s details and enables its management options.

  4. Click Update eDirectory.

To update eDirectory from NSSMU, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to NSSMU.

  2. Select the pool you want to update.

  3. Press F4 to perform NDS update.

    NOTE:When doing an NDS Update on a non-replica server, the operation might fail because of the eDirectory synchronization issue on non-replica servers.

    Retry the eDirectory object update after the completion of eDirectory synchronization, and the object update operation will succeed.