14.9 Creating a RAID 1 Mirror to Duplicate Data

You can create a RAID 1 mirror to duplicate data on a new device, such as to duplicate data on a new storage array.

  1. Set up the RAID 1 mirror between the initial storage element and new storage element.

    For information, see Section 14.5, Creating Software RAID Devices with iManager.

  2. Let the RAID create a duplicate of the data on the mirror.

  3. (Optional) If you want to retain the data on the initial storage element and use the element elsewhere, remove the disk it is on from the server.

    WARNING:If you leave the disk attached to the server while deleting the element from the RAID, its data is destroyed.

  4. Use NSSMU or iManager to delete the initial storage element from the mirror, leaving only the new storage element active on the server as a single-element mirror.

    The RAID 1 group remains in Media Manager and uses only 1 KB of memory. The new array performs normally, without performance degradation and without consuming additional resources.

    WARNING:Leave the RAID 1 group active because deleting the RAID 1 group deletes all of its member partitions and destroys the data on them.

    In iManager and from the command line, the new array reports that it is Not Mirrored. In NSSMU, the new array reports that it is In-Sync and 100% remirrored, even though there is only a single element.