8.2 Cross-Platform Issues for NSS Volumes

OES requires a Linux POSIX file system volume for the operating system, such as Ext3. If you plan to move NSS pools and volumes cross-platform between NetWare and Linux servers, consider the following guidelines:

  • You cannot install the Linux operating system on an NSS volume.

  • You cannot install the NetWare operating system on a Linux POSIX file system volume or on an NSS volume on Linux.

  • Use NSS on Linux only as data pools and volumes.

  • You should not move an NSS system volume from NetWare to Linux unless you intend to use it as a data volume (or not at all) while it is mounted on the Linux server.

    At install time, OES sets up a sys: volume on a Linux POSIX file system with the Linux path of /usr/novell/sys, and creates an NCP volume for it in the /etc/opt/novell/ncpserv.conf file. The sys: volume contains the same login and public directories that exist on NetWare. These directories let Novell clients run commands for logging in, mapping drives, and so on, as well as providing the means for client commands to be run from login scripts.

  • NSS volumes that were originally created on NetWare can be moved cross-platform from NetWare to Linux if both platforms support the same media format.

  • If you use shared pools in a cluster, only pools that are originally created on NetWare can be migrated or failed back from Linux to NetWare. Mixed-platform clusters are supported only for rolling cluster conversions from NetWare to Linux.