14.11 Creating a Software RAID 5+1 with NSSMU

In NSS, you can mirror your software RAID 5 devices for your server to create a nested RAID 5+1 device. Use NSSMU to mirror the partition used by the pool on a RAID 5 device. The following procedure describes how to create the RAID 5+1 in NSSMU. You can also create the RAID 5 devices and NSS pool for the RAID 5 devices in the Storage plug-in for iManager, and then switch to NSSMU to mirror the pool’s partition.

  1. In NSSMU, create a software RAID 5 device with 3 to 14 segments.

    For information, see Section 14.6, Creating Software RAID Devices with NSSMU.

  2. Repeat Step 1 one to three times to create 2 to 4 RAID 5 devices.

    The RAID 5 devices you use to create the mirror must have no drives in common. Each drive you use to create the RAIDs can belong to only one of the RAID 5 devices.

  3. In NSSMU, create a pool on one of the RAID 5 devices.

    1. In NSSMU, select Pools from the NSSMU main menu.

    2. Press Insert (Ins) to create a pool.

    3. From the list of available devices, select one of the RAID 5 devices.

    4. Assign all of the available space to the pool, then press Enter.

  4. Create a RAID 1 device to mirror the pool.

    1. In NSSMU, select Partitions from the NSSMU main menu.

    2. Select the NSS partition for the pool you want to mirror.

    3. Press F3 to create the RAID 1 device and mirror the partition.

    4. From the available devices, select one of the remaining RAID 5 devices you created above.

      NOTE:You can select up to three devices.

    5. Press F3 to initialize and create the RAID 1 (mirror) device.

      After the RAID device is created, the device ID appears in the RAID Devices window. This window is viewed from the RAID Devices NSSMU main menu. The RAID is a RAID 5+1.