31.11 Displaying Directory and File Attributes for NSS Volumes

With NCP Server, NSS supports the OES Trustee model, which is the same file system trustee rights and attributes for its directories and files as does NSS on NetWare. Management tools provide similar methods on each platform for configuring rights and attributes. For information, see the OES 2018: File Systems Management Guide.

NSS on Linux displays some of the NSS file system directory and file attributes in the Linux POSIX directory and file permissions, including the Hidden, Read Only, Read/Write, and Execute attributes. These are not intended as a direct mapping of POSIX rights and behave differently. NSS does not support the POSIX set-user-ID mode bit and set-group-ID mode bit. For information, see Viewing Key NSS Directory and File Attributes as Linux POSIX Permissions in the File Systems Management Guide for OES.