1.6 File Space Virtualization

Storage Requirement

Novell OES Solution

Hierarchy of Tiered Storage: The ability to move low-activity or inactive files to a hierarchy of lower-cost storage with an efficient storage capacity management solution based on rule-driven migration policies.

Dynamic Storage Technology for Linux allows you to create a virtual shadow volume that consists of a primary storage area on high-performance storage media for current and recently used files, and a secondary storage area on lower-cost storage media for low-activity or inactive files. You can specify policies based on age, file type, and so on.

For information, see the OES 2015 SP1: Dynamic Storage Technology Administration Guide.

Virtual Storage Solutions: The ability to move data to satisfy storage needs without impacting users.

Novell Distributed File Services (DFS) is available for NSS volumes. DFS uses junctions and a volume location database to support the relocation of data behind the scenes without impacting users.

For information, see the OES 2015 SP1: Novell Distributed File Services Administration Guide for Linux.