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CORBA is a technology to build distributed applications. Its components are specified and these specifications are maintained by The Object Management Group. In the CORBA world, distribution is made by clients and services. A service manages one or several objects. A client uses services to do its job. All the communication is done by issuing requests to objects. Every object has an interface written in the Interface Definition Language IDL. The interface precises the requests which can be handled by the object and the necessary data types. The interface can be stored in an Interface Repository.

For the client part of a distributed application, the IDL compiler translates IDL code to the programing language used by the client. The resulting code provides direct access to the object methods, and does not need to be modified or adjusted. To call these methods, the application should get a reference on the object. This reference can be obtained by several means:

For the object implementation part of a distributed application, the IDL compiler generates the dispatching routine which is to be called by the ORB. It also generates the method implementation skeletons which code is to be written by the implementor.

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