3.3 Upgrading Migrate

  1. Before you attempt the upgrade, ensure that you meet prerequisites and have performed the preparatory tasks:

  2. Log in to the PlateSpin Migrate Server host as an administrative user.

    If the server is in a domain, you must log in as a domain user who is a member of the Domain Admin group and the local Admin group.

    If you use Windows Authentication for the database server, you must log in as the domain user with SQL Admin rights. This user must have local administrator rights to the PlateSpin Server.

  3. (Conditional) If PlateSpin Migrate Client is installed on the PlateSpin Server host, use the Windows Control Panel to uninstall your client application.

  4. On your server host, start the Installation Launcher.

    See Starting the PlateSpin Migrate Installation Launcher.

  5. Click Install Migrate Server and follow the on-screen instructions.

  6. When you are prompted to specify a database instance, point the installation program to your existing database instance and provide the appropriate authentication type and credentials.

    • For Windows Authentication to the database server, ensure that the logged in user has local administrator rights and has system administrator rights in the database server in order to upgrade the schema of the database. The user you specify as the Service User must also have local administrator rights.

    • For SQL Authentication to the SQL Server Express Edition database server, the SQL system administrator (sa) user and the default generated password (created when you installed SQL Server Express) is automatically completed for database administrator Login ID and Password. If you previously set a custom password for the sa user, type the custom password before you click Validate Credentials.

  7. (Optional) Install the current version of the PlateSpin Migrate Client on the PlateSpin Server host.

    See Installing the PlateSpin Migrate Client.

  8. (Optional) After the upgrade, you should upload again any custom Linux blkwatch drivers you need for future migrations. See KB Article 7005873.

    See also Backing Up Your Custom Linux blkwatch Drivers Before Upgrade.