2.4 Installing PlateSpin Migrate Server in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

You must manually install a Migrate server on a virtual host that you have set up on Oracle Cloud for that purpose. Use the checklist in Table 2-7 to manually install a PlateSpin Migrate server in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. A site-to-site VPN between your premises and the cloud environment is not required.

Table 2-8 Checklist for Manual Migrate Server Deployment in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure



  1. Ensure that your cloud account is configured and available.

See Table 2-3, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Account Requirements in Cloud Account.

  1. In your cloud account, create a network security group in the location where you will create the virtual host, then configure ports needed for the Migrate server.

See Section 2.1.3, Required Network Security Group Settings for PlateSpin Migrate Server.

  1. Create a Windows VM in your cloud account to use as the PlateSpin Migrate server host.

The target VM must meet the requirements in Section 1.1.1, System Requirements for PlateSpin Server.

  1. Install prerequisite software on the server host.

See Section 1.2, Installing Prerequisite Software.

  1. Install PlateSpin Migrate server on the server host with a public IP address.

See Section 1.3, Installing PlateSpin Migrate Software Components.

NOTE:PlateSpin requires a public IP address only if a site-to-site VPN is not available.

  1. Perform post-installation tasks on the Migrate server host.

  1. Set a secure custom password for the SQL system administrator user (sa).

    See Modifying the Password for the SQL Server Express System Administrator User.

  2. Disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 protocols for the Windows operating system on the PlateSpin Migrate server host.

    See Section 1.8, Configuring TLS Protocols for Migrate Hosts.

  1. Configure PlateSpin advanced settings for the cloud-based Migrate server, depending on your intended use.

See Table 2-9, PlateSpin Configuration Settings for PlateSpin Migrate Server in the Cloud.