G.2 Preparing the PlateSpin ISO Image for Target Registration and Discovery

  1. Download the PlateSpin ISO image from Micro Focus Downloads and extract the contents. See Downloading the PlateSpin ISO Images.

  2. (Optional) Inject additional device drivers for Linux workloads into the PlateSpin ISO image, complete the steps in Injecting Additional Device Drivers into the PlateSpin ISO Image.

  3. (Optional) For an unattended registration, modify the PlateSpin ISO to provide the appropriate responses from an answer file. See Adding Registration Information to the PlateSpin ISO for Unattended Registration of Physical or Virtual Machines.

  4. Save the PlateSpin ISO image:

    • Physical Machine: Burn the PlateSpin ISO image on a CD or save it to the required media, from which your target can boot.

    • Virtual Machine: Save the PlateSpin ISO image on the virtual host for a target VM in a location where you can use it to boot the target machine.

  5. Use native tools to prepare the target machine to boot from the PlateSpin ISO image.

    Ensure that the machine is configured to restart on reboot and that you attach the PlateSpin ISO file as a boot CD for the VM.

For information about registering the target machine, see the following: