2.5 Database Server

PlateSpin Migrate includes Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition. The capabilities of SQL Server Express are sufficient for the scalability characteristics described in Scalability.

NOTE:Microsoft SQL Server Express has a database size limit of 10 GB and can use only one CPU core at a time and 1 GB memory. For more information about requirements and limitations for SQL Server Express, see the Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express documentation.

For large scale migrations where you want to preserve migration reports for longer time, it is recommended to use enterprise version or keep archiving data to make room for new reporting data.

We recommend that you configure the PlateSpin Server to use a database instance on your existing Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition database server in the following environments:

  • Deployments of multiple PlateSpin Servers that use the same remote Microsoft SQL Server database server for their database instances

  • Deployments where keeping all history of the reporting data is important

While multiple PlateSpin Migrate servers can use the same remote database server, each Migrate server requires a separate database instance.