10.3 Setting up vCloud Organization

You must set up a vCloud Organization with at least the following minimum set of resources:

  • Define one or more Organization Virtual Data Center (Org vDC).

  • Define one or more Org vDC Network for the target VM.

  • Create a private Catalog and grant full access permissions for the organization users to access the contents and settings of the catalog.

  • Use Administrator level credentials for discovering the vCloud Organization and performing migrations.

  • Define policies that apply to the target VMs in your Org vDC and ensure the following:

    • The lease period of the vCloud Organization resources should not expire during migration.

    • No restrictions are set on VM quota.

    • No restrictions are set on the number of connections or operations to the vCloud organization.

  • The VDC Hardware Version policy limits the maximum hardware version for VMs that Migrate will create for the vCloud platform.

  • Migration of Windows Server 2016 workloads to vCloud 9.1 requires Hardware Version 10 or higher support by the underlying VMware platform. The Hardware Version policy for the VDC must be set to at least Hardware Version 10.

NOTE:During the Test Cutover, there is cloning for the target VM that consumes twice the storage resources than you need for Cutover. Ensure that the storage quotas for the Org vDC support that need. The additional resources used is temporary, and will be released after the Test Cutover.

For more information, see VMware vCloud Director Documentation.