A.0 Roles and Permissions

PlateSpin Transformation Manager provides role-based access control to restrict access in the Web Interface to authorized users. It associates permissions with roles rather than with individual users and groups. A role grants a user or group the authority to perform specific actions in the Web Interface. Permissions determine the various job functions that the role can perform. Roles in the Web Interface include the following:

  • System Administrator

  • Project Manager

  • Project Architect

  • Migration Specialist

  • Dashboard Viewer

Users and groups have no permissions in Transformation Manager except those you grant through the roles you assign them. Because members of a group automatically inherit the role assignments for the group, you can assign appropriate roles to groups to simplify the management of user authorizations. You can easily move users in and out of various groups to assign roles to them.

The scope of responsibility for each project role depends on the level of the role assignment: system, organization, project, wave, or batch.

The roles and permissions matrixes identify the various actions and access control permissions that users and groups have based on their assigned roles.