5.4 Adding a License Block

You can purchase license blocks for PlateSpin Transformation Manager in the Customer Center. You do not manually enter the block license information. PTM automatically retrieves information about license blocks from the Customer Center and displays them in the License Blocks list on the Licenses page. In addition to updates for user actions that involve licenses, PTM refreshes the license information with the Customer Center daily at about 2:00 a.m. local time.

Figure 5-1 License Management

Each license block has an independent fulfillment period defined by the following dates:

  • Start Date: The fulfillment date at which the block of licenses becomes active and you can begin to use its licenses.

  • Expiration Date: The end of the fulfillment period. Any unused licenses in the block expire at that time.

A license block no longer displays in the list when either of the following conditions occurs:

  • After the expiration date for the license block fulfillment period, even if unused licenses remain.

    NOTE:If unused licenses are due to expire soon, you can quickly consume multiple licenses by applying a Bulk Edit change to the next planned set of workloads for one or more projects. A consumed license never expires.

  • After all licenses in the block are consumed, even if the block fulfillment period has not expired.