17.7 Deleting a Connector Instance from PTM

Over time, you might have PlateSpin Migrate Connector instances that are no longer running. A System Administrator user can delete the instance from the Connectors list.

The Delete option removes the instance from the list, but it does not stop or uninstall the Connector instance. If the instance is still running, the Connector re-registers to Transformation Manager at its next heartbeat, and reappears in the list.

To delete a Migrate Connector instance from the Connectors list:

  1. Stop the Connector process for each Migrate Connector instance that you want to remove from the Connectors list:

    1. Go to the host server for the Connector instance.

    2. Stop the Connector service.

  2. In the Web Interface toolbar, select Configuration.

  3. In the System Configuration dialog, select Connectors.

  4. Select one or more Connector instances from the list that are no longer used.

  5. Click Delete, then confirm the deletion.

  6. When you are done, click Close to exit the System Configuration dialog.

  7. (Optional) For each Connector instance that you deleted from the list, uninstall the Migrate Connector software from its Connector host:

    1. Log in as the root user to the host server for the Connector instance.

    2. Use the Linux rpm command to uninstall the PlateSpin Migrate Connector package from the Connector host server.