17.5 Viewing or Deleting Workload Associations for a Connector

Connectors discover workloads based on the workload’s reachability and negotiations with other Connectors for a project. After the Connector discovers the workload, it remains associated with that Connector.

You can use the Edit Connector dialog to get a role-based view a list of the currently associated workloads. You can delete a workload from this list to initiate the re-association of the workload to other available Connectors.

To view or delete Workload associations:

  1. In the Web Interface toolbar, select Configuration.

  2. In the System Configuration dialog, select Connectors.

  3. In the Connectors list, select the Connector, then click Edit (or double-click the selected Connector).

  4. Click the Workloads tab to view a list of workloads discovered by the Connector.

  5. (Optional) Delete a workload association.

    1. Select one or multiple workloads in the list, then click Delete.

    2. Confirm the deletion.

    3. Verify that the newly removed workloads no longer appear in the Workloads list for the Connector.

  6. Click Close to exit the Edit Connector dialog, then click Close to exit the System Configuration dialog.