14.0 Planning for PlateSpin Migrate Connector

PlateSpin Migrate Connector for PlateSpin Transformation Manager provides automated discovery services to PTM server. For source workloads, the Connector discovers machine and operating system information. For target platforms, the Connector discovers resources available in the target platform, such as networks and datastores.

In a PlateSpin Migration Factory deployment, each PlateSpin Migrate Connector instance integrates your PTM server with one or more PlateSpin Migrate servers to automate Windows and Linux workload migration to supported target platforms. The Connector load-balances automated workload migrations across the Migrate servers to help avoid congestion. Migrate Connector can also track status for manual migrations for imported workloads that you initiate on its associated PlateSpin Migrate servers.

Each Migrate Connector can support all projects, or you can configure it to be dedicated for a specific project. The Connector keeps data and events separate and secure for each project.

Each project must have at least one Connector. Projects can use multiple Connectors, with one or more Connector instances in each source network. If a project has multiple Connectors, each Connector automates and tracks migrations only for the source workload it discovers. It monitors their migration events on its associated Migrate servers, and reports the migration workflow status and events for the appropriate workload in Transformation Manager.