17.8 Troubleshooting Migrate Connector Connections

The following issues can cause connection errors for the PlateSpin Migrate Connector:

Table 17-2 Connectivity Issues for PlateSpin Migrate Connector



A required port is not configured, is misconfigured, or is being blocked by the firewall or by antivirus software.

Verify port availability.

A network outage has occurred.

Resolve the network issues.

PlateSpin Migrate Connector service has stopped running.

Log in to the Migrate Connector host server as the root user, and restart the Connector.

PlateSpin Migrate Connector host server is down.

Resolve the host server issues, then restart the PlateSpin Migrate Connector instance.

The Event Messaging port is not configured on the PlateSpin Migrate Server.

See Requirements for Event Messaging and Enabling Event Messaging for PlateSpin Migration Factory in the PlateSpin Migrate 2018.11 User Guide.

The PlateSpin Migrate server is down.

Resolve the Migrate Server issues.

The Migrate Connector service is slow.

Enable the debug logging level to help locate the underlying cause. See Section 16.2, Setting the Logging Level for the Connector.