5.3 Adding a License Key

On the Configuration > Licenses page, the System Administrator can add the full license key and view license status for current blocks of licenses for this PTM Server. The Licenses Blocks list shows each block with its purchase date, start date, expiration date, count for total licenses in the block, and count for remaining unused licenses. The list displays only license blocks with active fulfillment periods and unused licenses available. It does not include historical information about license blocks after the fulfillment period has expired or when the number of remaining unused licenses is zero (0).

NOTE:PlateSpin Transformation Manager must be able to communicate across the public Internet with the Micro Focus License Server to confirm the availability of license blocks you have purchased and their fulfillment periods.

  1. (Optional) Log in to the Customer Center and acquire a full license key for PlateSpin Transformation Manager.

  2. Log in to the Web Interface as a user with the System Administrator role:


  3. Select Configuration > Licenses.

  4. Provide the license key. This is a 14-character hexadecimal key provided by the Customer Center.

  5. View the following information about the key you applied:

    Remaining Licenses: This value is automatically calculated from the license blocks that you purchase for this PlateSpin Server and that have active fulfillment periods.

    License Blocks: This list is automatically retrieved from the Customer Center. It displays the license blocks that you have purchased for this PlateSpin Server that have active fulfillment periods with unused licenses available or that have future fulfillment periods. It does not display expired blocks or empty blocks.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click Close to exit the System Configuration dialog.