5.6 License Warnings

A license must be available to be consumed before you begin to plan a workload’s transformation. A license is available if it is unused and its fulfillment period is active. License blocks with future start dates for their fulfillment periods are currently inactive, which makes them currently unavailable. The Web Interface notifies the user if licenses are unavailable, running low, or expiring soon.

PlateSpin Transformation Manager checks the count and expiration dates of currently available licenses when the following key actions occur in the workflow.

  • At login

  • When the Workload dialog opens or closes

  • When the Bulk Edit dialog opens or closes

  • When the Configuration dialog closes

The License Warning message displays in a banner immediately below the main header of the Web Interface for the following license conditions:

  • The number of currently available licenses is 50 or fewer.

  • The next set of currently available licenses will expire within 7 days.

If no licenses are available for a currently selected unlicensed workload, the Workload dialog displays the No License Is Available icon in the header area, and edits cannot be saved.

NOTE:Notify the System Administrator for PlateSpin Transformation Manager about the reported license conditions.

If licenses are expiring soon, you can quickly consume multiple licenses by applying a Bulk Edit change to the next planned set of workloads for one or more projects. A consumed license never expires.