11.4 Creating a Group

  1. In the Web Interface toolbar, select Users.

  2. Select the Groups tab.

  3. Click Create.

  4. In the Group pane of the Create Group dialog, specify the following information for the group account:

    • Full Name

    • Email address

    • Scope (System (default) or Organization)

  5. Click Save to create the group account instance and enable the Membership and Access pane.

  6. Add members to the group.

    1. In the Membership and Access pane, select the Members tab, then click Add.

    2. In the Add Users to User Group dialog, select one or multiple users, then click OK.

      Type a character sequence in the Search field to filter the list, or scroll to locate the appropriate users. To select multiple adjacent users, press and hold Shift, then click the appropriate first user and last user. To select multiple individual users, press and hold Ctrl, then click each appropriate user.

    3. View the Members list to verify the added members

  7. Define one or more role assignments for the group.

    1. Select the tab of the level where you want to set the role:

      • System

      • Organization

      • Project

      • Wave

      • Batch

    2. In the tab’s toolbar, select the appropriate role:

      • Dashboard Viewer

      • Migration Specialist

      • Project Architect

      • Project Manager

    3. Click Add.

    4. Depending on the level you selected, select one or more items from the list, then click OK.

    5. View the list of items to verify the additions.

    6. (Optional) Repeat the steps to assign another role and the associated items.

  8. Select the All Roles tab, then verify the roles you assigned.

  9. Click Close.