13.7 Configuring Project Associations

The Associations pane for a project shows all of the possible associations. The System Administrator user, Project Manager user, and Project Architect user can configure associations for a project.

Depending on your permissions, you can perform the same actions from the tabs under Associations as you can from the main tabs for these components. Some actions might not be available at this time. You can save the project and return later to complete information.

To associate components with a project:

  1. In the Web Interface toolbar, select Planning.

  2. Select the Projects tab.

  3. Double-click the project to open the Edit Project dialog, then view the project details.

  4. Under Associations, click each tab to view or modify settings for the associated components:


    • Waves

    • Batches

    • Applications

    • Workloads


    • Credentials

    • Containers

    • Migration Servers

    • Environments


    • Dashboard Viewer

    • Migration Specialist

    • Project Architect

    • Project Manager

  5. (Optional) Click Set to Completed, or click Reopen.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click Close.