9.1 About Organizations

Transformation Manager enables you to track the following information for the organization accounts:


Specify a name for the organization that is unique in the PTM system. The name must begin with a letter or number. It can contain only letters, numbers, and the following special characters: space, hyphen, underscore, apostrophe, percent, ampersand, comma, and period.


(Optional) Specify a brief description of the organization. This text appears by default in the Organizations list.


(Optional) Upload an image to represent the organization.


You can view or manage the components associated with the organization. Some options might not be available, depending on the user’s assigned role.

  • Planning

    • Projects (Create, Edit, View, Delete)

  • Resources

    • Credentials (Create, Edit, View, Delete)

    • Platforms (Create, Edit, View, Delete)

    • Migration Servers (Create, Edit, View, Delete)

    • Environments (Create, Edit, View, Delete)

  • Users

    Project role assignments at the project level are automatically inherited by their child components.

    • Dashboard Viewer (View, Add, Remove)

    • Migration Specialist (View, Add, Remove)

    • Project Architect (View, Add, Remove)

    • Project Manager (View, Add, Remove)