15.1 Downloading PlateSpin Migrate Connector Software

The installation files for PlateSpin Migrate Connector 2 are available on the Micro Focus Downloads website. Select PlateSpin Transformation Manager, then follow the Download link for PlateSpin Transformation Manager 2 in the results. Use your Micro Focus Customer Center account credentials to log in to this site.

PlateSpin Migrate Connector 2 installation files include the following:

Table 15-1 PlateSpin Migrate Connector Download File Description

Download File Name



Where xxxis the build number.

Contains the files to install a new instance of PlateSpin Migrate Connector 2 on your intended Migrate Connector hosts.


Contains a PlateSpin Transformation Manager Public Key for new installations of PlateSpin Migrate Connector on your intended Migrate Connector hosts.

NOTE:To install the Migrate Connector RPM without warnings, you must import the PTM Public Key file to your keyring on the intended Migrate Connector host before you install the Connector RPM.