1.7 Web Interface

The PlateSpin Transformation Manager Web Interface allows role-based access to project information from anywhere at any time on a range of devices.

  • Securely access project information from anywhere at any time. Visibility and actions for both internal and external stakeholders are appropriate to their user role.

  • Prioritize, organize, and schedule tasks. Break down transformation goals into manageable chunks by project, wave, and batch.

  • Plan and track workload transformations. Capture details for source workloads and target workloads in physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures, with any-to-any migration, lift and shift, virtual file move, and decommission.

  • Define custom components for each project. Define workloads, host platforms, credentials, migration servers, and other resources that represent your environment.

  • Achieve fast and efficient workload manipulations of multiple workloads at a time. Powerful forms for Advanced Search, Bulk Edit, and Bulk Status Change allow you to apply the same settings on multiple selected workloads. PTM applies changes only as appropriate for each workload based on its settings and state.

  • Monitor project status using the real-time visual dashboard and status reports. Internal and external stakeholders can track progress by project, wave, and batch, and view warnings for missed deadlines and schedule deviations.

  • Securely manage multiple concurrent projects for different organizations. Enterprises, managed service providers, and system integrators can leverage role-based access and multi-tenancy to keep end customer data secure and confidential.

  • Effectively handle massive planning efforts. Projects can scale from thousands to tens of thousands of workloads with minimal impact on PTM performance.

  • Automate discovery for source workloads and host platforms. Automated discovery captures details about workloads on import and about platform resources when you add the host platform.

  • Monitor discovery status for attempted workload imports. Import Progress provides a role-based view of the discovery status for workload imports attempted during the past 24 hours. View workload import status by success, in progress, failed, and not found.

  • Automate execution and tracking for supported migration target platforms. In a PlateSpin Migration Factory environment, you can automate the execution of migrations and track related transformation workflow events.

  • Automatically track your PlateSpin Migrate migration projects. In a PlateSpin Migration Factory environment, you can track the status of migrations for imported workloads where migrations are executed on PlateSpin Migrate servers.

For more information, see Key Administrative Tasks in the Web Interface and Using the Web Interface.