15.7 Viewing Import Progress

Import Progress provides a role-based view of the discovery status for workload imports initiated by any Migrate user during the past 24 hours. When the Global Project Selector (GPS) is enabled, the GPS filters the list to include only import information for the selected project. Workload imports initiated prior to the 24-hour period are not considered.

NOTE:PTM restricts workload visibility according to the permissions of the logged-in user.

The report displays Import Results for workloads by status: All, Success, In Progress, Failed, and Not Found. For each workload, the Status column displays the discovery and import status. Pause over the Status cell to view information about any issues that delay or prevent discovery or import. Workloads with a status of Not Found are automatically deleted from the database after 24 hours.

Import Progress is a dynamic report that refreshes periodically and on demand. Each refresh progresses the 24-hour period and updates the list of workloads and their status. For example, a workload might move from the In Progress list to Success list or Failed list. New workload imports are included, while workloads initiated prior to the new 24-hour period are excluded.

The identity of the user who initiated an import request is not included in the Import Progress report. After a workload is successfully imported, you can view that information in the workload’s Transformation History in the Workload dialog.

You can use the Search option to filter workloads by IP address or text that appears in the workload name, status, and infotips. You can also apply a list of imported workloads as a filter for the main Workload list. For example, search for newly imported workloads with similar planning and migration goals, apply the filter to the main Workload list, and then leverage bulk actions to configure and submit selected workloads for migration.

To view import progress:

  1. On the Workloads page, click Import Progress.

  2. Monitor the current discovery status for workloads in the following categories:

    • All

    • Success

    • In Progress

    • Failed

    • Ignored

  3. Pause over the workload Status to view information about possible issues that delay or prevent the import. For example:

    • Discovery not yet started

    • Discovery not yet started; Connector might be down

    • Authentication failed

  4. Use the Search option to filter workloads by display name, workload IP address, or import IP address range.

  5. Use the Filter Main List option to apply the currently displayed list as a filter of the main Workload list.

    The Workload list displays the same list as the currently displayed list in Import Progress dialog. Close the dialog to work with the workloads.