18.1 About VMware Clusters

The VMware Platform resource enables you to track the following information for a server that hosts the hypervisor for multiple virtual workloads:


Specify a name for the host that is unique to your transformation project. The name must begin with a letter or number. It can contain only letters, numbers, and the following special characters: space, hyphen, underscore, apostrophe, percent, ampersand, comma, and period.


(Optional) Specify a brief description of the host. This text appears by default in the Hosts list.


The name of the parent platform.


The number of member hosts that are active in the VMware cluster.


The number of processors available across member hosts.

Total Memory

Total amount of memory available to the cluster.


Number of shared datastores available to the cluster.

Total Storage

Amount of shared storage available to the cluster.

Automation Level

An indication that resources are managed through the parent vCenter Server.