21.1 About Network Resources

PlateSpin Transformation Manager discovers available networks for the target platform. It provides the following information for each network:


The parent target platform for the network.


The name of the network in the target platform environment.


(Optional) Specify a brief description of the network. This text appears by default in the Networks list.

Azure Platforms

For Azure Cloud platforms, the following network information is available:


The parent location for the network in the Azure Cloud for the target platform. For example: Central US, West US, or North Europe.

Address Space

The available IPv4 address space for the network, expressed in CIDR notation.


The subnets available in the network. Select Subnets, then choose the virtual network to view a list of its member subnets and information about them.

VMware Platforms

For VMware platforms, the following network information is available:


(VMware) The name of the parent cluster where the network is available.


(VMware) The name of the member hosts in the cluster that have access to the network.


(VMware) The number of VMs in the cluster that use the network.