15.2 Configuring PTM Server Settings for a Connector

To set up the Connector instance to work with PTM, or to modify settings:

  1. Log in to the Connector host server with a root user account.

  2. In a text editor, open the /opt/microfocus/migrate_connector/config/settings.cfg file.

  3. Specify values for the parameters in the top section called [PlateSpin Transformation Manager Server].

    See Table 15-1, Configurable PTM Server Parameters for PlateSpin Migrate Connector.

  4. Save the file, then exit the text editor.

  5. Start or restart PlateSpin Migrate Connector. In a terminal console, enter

    systemctl restart ps_migrate_connector.service

    For the Migrate Connector instance installed on the PTM Appliance, you can alternatively restart the Connector service from the Appliance Management Console.

    See Section 16.9, Starting, Stopping, or Restarting the Connector Service.