1.1.2 2. Inventory and Analyze User Requirements, Macros, Configuration Files, and Legacy Applications

Conduct a detailed inventory for each user group to determine which user applications and configurations are critical, used, or not used and whether your terminal emulator requires integration with custom applications. Performing an inventory of your current emulation collateral provides the data you need to make sound technical and business decisions about what to carry forward. It also helps identify needs for customization of Reflection and for integration with other applications. Be sure to:

Define user requirements

Define user requirements for each user group to determine the priorities for this group and special needs such as file transfer capability or security requirements.

Inventory User Desktops

Inventory desktops to assess how many vendor products and files are being used in the existing configuration.

Identify integration needs

Identify needs for integration with HLLAPI or other applications that use your terminal emulation software.